PhenQ Review & Results After 90 Days by Jane

Welcome to my Phenq Review

My name’s Jane and after 3 months of using Phenq I’ve finally decided to write this review and share my results.

There are also some helpful comments about Phenq from our wonderful readers at the bottom of this post!

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My Personal Story and Why I chose Phenq
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Ingredients in Phenq
How does it work?
My Phenq results
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Ever have that sinking feeling in your stomach, when one of your awesomely fit friends posts a selfie on Facebook, right from their gym? #FitnessFreak, it reads. And you can notice people admiring the amazingly sculpted body non-stop.

As the number of “likes” and compliments increases, so do the jealousy pangs in your body. How can they spend so much time at the gym and not be tired, while walking a couple of blocks over to the grocery stores makes you lose your breath?

This is so unfair.

Find yourself relating to any of this? Maybe, you’re not the jealous type but then even you can’t help but draw a parallel between how you look versus how that fit friend of yours looks. I used to be in the same boat as you & I am going to share my story below.

How it all began?

Five years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child, there was a small incident. I was in my second trimester and was dusting the furniture one afternoon. I wasn’t feeling so well, but the thick layer of dust that had been gathering on the furniture made me cringe everyday, so that afternoon I decided to dust. As it turned out, the reason for me not feeling well was because I was severely dehydrated. I was drinking enough water, but being pregnant, I was also hitting the washroom more than before. Halfway through my dusting endeavor, the dehydration got the better of me and I fainted. I collapsed with a loud thud, hitting my head on the corner of the wardrobe I was working on. Hearing the noise, my sister-in-law who was watching TV in the next room came running. On seeing me, she let out a loud shriek and called the ambulance. I was in the hospital for a day before being let out. My in-laws and husband arrived and the doctor informed them that I was at a crucial stage of pregnancy and needed to be cared for. He told them that though I was fine, it might not always be so. Needless to say, this scared everyone to no limits. The parameters in the house changed from there on. I was forbidden from doing anything. Everything I wanted was made available to me in a jiffy. My mother-in-law and her daughter had taken over the reigns of the kitchen and the household chores. I was being fed the choicest of food everyday. I wasn’t even allowed to lift the trash bags. My father-in-law and husband devoted themselves into making my life as comfortable as possible. Regular doctor appointments were being scheduled; I was being ferried to and fro in cars. I was enjoying all this attention and every bit of it. I knew my husband’s family loved me like their own daughter and would go out of their way to make sure my health wasn’t affected in any manner. But the fact that they’d take a simple episode of me fainting after some dehydration, so seriously, always amazed me to no ends. I was a loved girl.

But there were downsides…

Now who doesn’t love being pampered? But all this pampering had resulted in me leading an extremely sedentary lifestyle. After my daughter was born, I found it extremely difficult to get back to my original lifestyle. My body ached and I’d get exhausted at the slightest hint of any physical activity. I had left my job towards the end of my pregnancy and then never went back, because I was too tired, all the time. Like any other mother, I took care of my child the entire day, and would steal moments of sleep here and there throughout the day. All was going well and good, except one day when realization struck me. One morning, I was just preparing to take a shower and was selecting my clothes for the day, when I realized something very very awkward – I was still wearing my pregnancy clothes. That’s right, I was still wearing the stretchable jammies throughout the day and the loose shirts that I had purchased during my trimester. And they fit perfectly. I had never given this a serious thought, as I was always busy with the baby and the house. But I realized that my old clothes were useless now. For the past year and a half, I was a pampered girl who rarely set foot on the ground. And now I was a morbidly obese girl, who should’ve set foot on the ground once in a while. Over the course of the day, I grew increasingly embarrassed. I rummaged through my closet to find pieces of old clothing here and there and not surprisingly, none of them fit. I was fat. Not just any fat, I was morbidly obese with a very bad lifestyle. I had grown accustomed to the inactivity of my life and now had to deal with the repercussions. It had shaken the very core of my individuality.

The diet begins…

Like any other average individual, the first thought that came to my mind was that I need a good diet plan. That night when my husband arrived, I shared my concerns with him and I could see his brow tighten with every word I said. The man had very obviously noted the changes in my body, but had never so much as uttered a word. He agreed to help me with whatever decision I took. I read somewhere on the Internet about a Juice diet that helped lose weight quickly. And decided that was what I was going to do. The next morning, my husband and I hit the grocery stores and bought a ton of juicing vegetables, fruits, and a brand new juicer and a weighing machine. Over the week, all I did was consume one glass of fruit/vegetable juice as stated on the website. I also started looking for gyms in and around my area, even visited a few. But nothing was enough to pique my interest and I was concerned about being body shamed while I exercise.

The diet ends…

I was on day 6 of my juice diet, when a friend threw a birthday party. That morning, I checked my weight and I had lost 4 pounds. I was excited. The juice diet seemed to be working wonders. When I reached the friend’s house, I was greeted with the sight of a wonderful buffet, that smelled way better than it looked. I was tempted. A lot. But I decided to steer clear off of it. The birthday girl coaxed me into trying a bit-sizedpulled pork sandwich, which apparently was the caterer’s specialty. I gave in and had a bite. Immediately to realize that I shouldn’t have. That one bite initiated a chain reaction like no other. My stomach, mind and my entire body ached for more. This was the first time in a week when I had had proper solid stuff in my mouth and it felt heavenly. And just like that, the diet ended. Before I knew it, I was trying out everything on the buffet – it started out with the bite sized appetizers and very soon culminated into a full-blown afternoon meal. I was ashamed for myself – but I had lost all control over my body. Depriving your body off of anything makes you crave for it even more and I had just learned it the hard way. What surprised me even further was that I didn’t stop there. Once I got back home, I relieved the baby sitter. And while I waited for my husband to come home, I went ahead and ordered a pizza. Four hours after my lunch, I had devoured an entire cheese pizza and somehow I still wasn’t satisfied. Before my husband arrived, I disposed off the pizza box and sachets and everything else that came along with it. I was ashamed of who I had become, and myself, and my body. Depression was starting to set in. I was stealthily cheating on my diet, and hiding it from the one man that I loved the most. All the while failing to realize that, I was actually just cheating myself and no one else. That night, I broke down in front of my husband. I told him about the Pizza episode, the lunch and how I was a horrible human being. He was taken aback, but consoled me to no ends. I could see the concern on his face.

PhenQ enters my life.

phenq janeThe next day, I got a call from my husband, which is rare since he works on the outskirts of the city and rarely has good reception.

He told me about a colleague who used to be incredibly overweight. So much so that he had to take an earlier retired owing to the fact that he was no longer able to work.

He told me about how that same person had returned to work and was now fit as a fiddle. All this in 8 months.

When questioned about the sudden change in his body, he attributed it all to a weight loss supplement called PhenQ.

Now, I had been really apprehensive about these weight loss pills, but then when someone who has actually shown results recommends something, the least you can do is check it out.

And so I searched for their site. And logged on to it.

The website was really well done and it said that PhenQ would help me do the following –

  1.  It’d boost my body’s overall energy
  2. It’d suppress my appetite and reduce cravings
  3. And finally, it’d burn fat.

This was a good thing and looked exactly like what I’d need. So I went ahead and ordered a bottle.

It was my first attempt and so I didn’t want to order a whole bunch of it and regret it later.

A few days later, one morning the package was delivered. I opened it and without giving it a second thought, gulped down one of the pills with a glass of water.

Honestly, I wasn’t waiting for a miracle or anything.

But PhenQ did make something happen

Now my mornings usually started with a big bowl of milk and sugary corn flakes.
But half an hour after I had consumed the pill, I noticed that I wasn’t craving for anything at all.

I experienced very mild hunger and so I went to the refrigerator and helped myself with an Orange. That’s right, 30 minutes after having the pill, my bowl of corn flakes had already been replaced with a solitary orange.

I noticed that I had a lot of energy in me and decided it was time to use this to get the household chores done. I cleaned up the house, dusted furniture and went to the grocery store to replenish my pantry. But even then, I still felt energetic.

So I did the unthinkable. I went for a walk. Something I hadn’t done in two weeks.

I walked for 3 miles and then turned around and got back home, still feeling very energetic.

And then it dawned upon me that all this while, I hadn’t thought of food even once.

I went to my grocery bags and picked out some fruits, made a nice bowl and had it all while watching TV.

I was full and still brimming with energy.

I hadn’t even taken my customary afternoon siesta.

One thing was for sure – PhenQ was working.

Thus began my PhenQ Journey

I was now taking one pill every day in the morning and utilizing the energy to get my household chores done, going for long walks and socializing with friends whom I had shunned all this while. It was incredible.

I was also snacking less and less. If I did feel like having something, I’d grab a bowl of fruits or some nuts and I’d be satiated.

It had also helped me become conscious of my diet and I was now able to make an honest attempt at being healthy.

My mornings now began with bowl of oats or muesli and my lunches and dinners were mostly fish, chicken or greens.

I could now comfortably indulge in regular dinners too. Pizza, a favorite, was included every now and then and so were burgers.

I guess since my overall diet had improved, that was something I could accommodate easily.

I was feeling more and more confident now and my daughter had grown up and was comfortable with her sitter too.

I applied for a new job and cleared my interviews and started at it too.

One little bottle of pill had brought about a drastic change in my entire life.

As the PhenQ bottle neared its end, I dreaded something that I had been avoiding the entire month. My weight.

I gathered all my courage and checked my weight. To my surprise, I had lost 14 pounds.

And this was just with a regular change in my diet, that PhenQ helped me with and a few long walks every day.

Unlike my juice diet, I no longer had any cravings and so I was confident that I could continue with this.

I logged on to their website – – again and bought their 3 month back this time. They were kind enough to send me a third bottle for free, along with the two I ordered. I now had 3 months worth of PhenQ pills for the cost of two.

So what is PhenQ?

Phenq BottleBefore I share the details of my journey, allow me to share more information on the one pill that changed my life and could possible change yours too.

PhenQ is a consolidation of an appetite suppressant, a fat burner and an energy booster all rolled into one.

It is available solely through their website and comes in bottles containing 60 pills each. You’re supposed to consume them twice daily.

The ingredients in PhenQ are as follows

Capsimax Powder

This is a beautiful blend of Capsicum and Vitamin B3, it helps by increasing the blood flow in your body so that your body is able to absorb the other PhenQ ingredients better.

It also enables a process called thermogenic burn, which works by increasing your body’s temperature at slight levels thereby aiding in calorie burn.

Calcium Carbonate

We’ve all heard of Calcium Carbonate and its many wonders. It is a known aid for the overall bone health of your body, but Calcium Carbonate also prevents your body from storing fat and aids in fat burning instead.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate works by aiding your body in sugar absorption. This leads to a huge reduction in cravings and you feel full all the time.


We all love coffee. It keeps us awake, energetic and full of life.
Caffeine, which is the main ingredient in coffee, is also one of the main ingredients in PhenQ.

Not only does caffeine keep you awake and boost your energy levels, but like capsicum it makes use of thermogenic burn to aid your body’s metabolism too.


Nopal is extracted from cactus and is essentially a load of fiber. This helps you make up for the lack of fiber in your every day diet, thereby helping you stay full throughout the day.

It also helps you get rid of water weight, which is a very very common issue.


This is a naturally occurring amino acid that turns your body’s stored fat into energy and accelerates weight loss.

That was an impressive list right?

So essentially, the core ingredients that together form the PhenQ pills help you do the below –

  • Be alerts and focused throughout the day
  • Reduce the fat absorption in your body
  • Decrease the sugar absorption in your body
  • Keep your bones strong
  • Make sure the fiber in your system is aplenty
  • Burn fat at a nice pace
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Decrease your everyday cravings
  • Increase your metabolism

It’s hard to believe that one little pill could achieve all of the above. I was apprehensive at first too, but having tried it on my own, I can say they work for sure.

My weight loss results with PhenQ

My results with phenq

Picture updated (Results after 5 months)

While it’d be terribly embarrassing for me to share my actual weight before embarking on a PhenQ diet, I’ll go ahead and share some of the statistics instead.

Right before I received that call from my husband informing me about this magic pill, I used to be 74 pounds overweight.

Over the course of the next 90 days, I was lost 46 pounds in total and have never felt better.

I’ll list my experiences as and when they happened.

0 to 30 days

As I already told you, the pill had started its effect from the moment I took it the first time. My energy levels were at all time high and by the end of this phase I was a different person.

energy level boosted My cravings were at a bare minimum; my energy levels at an all-time high and I had never felt better.

I had a new job, new responsibilities and a new outlook for life.

I had started taking long walks and even begun enjoying them.

I was eating healthier and didn’t feel like cheating at all.

Towards the end of this phase, I lost 14 pounds.

That’s right, I lost 14 pounds with one magical pill, daily walks and changes in my diet regiment.

If I can do it, you can too.

31 to 60 days

My weight loss journey had moved into its second leg and I was more confident than ever. The second pack of PhenQ had arrived and I had become ecstatic.

burning fat left right and centerIt was during this time that husband coaxed me to join our local gym; he even offered to come along with me for support. I did and have never looked back since.

Everything was kicked into high gear.

I had continued with the same diligent diet and now armed with my exercise regiment from the gym instructor and my trusty little PhenQ – I was on my way to achieve my weight loss goals.

Towards the end of this period, when I checked my weight – I had lost a whopping 19 pounds of weight.

I was ecstatic.

61 to 90 days

Everything was going according to plan. I was exercising, eating the right foods, socializing, feeling more confident at life, doing reasonably well at work and overall just being happy.

felt amazingOne fine day, when I was once again rearranging the closet, I found a bundle of clothes from before my maternity.

And guess what? These clothes were now loose and needed to be altered.

I was slimmer than I had ever been in my entire life and I could attribute it all only to PhenQ.

By the time the third month ended, I had lost another 13 pounds.

A grand total of 46 pounds had been shed in a record 3 months.

And this wasn’t going to stop.

I will continue using PhenQ till I have reached my weight goals and even post that will always keep a bottle with me so as to ensure I don’t falter from my path.

My Diet with PhenQ

My diet with phenqSeeing my incredible weight loss, a lot of people have come to me enquiring about my diet when using PhenQ.

So allow me to shed some light on that.

I consume two PhenQ pills every day. One at breakfast and the other at lunch.

Owing to its appetite suppressing properties, I feel full. So morning usually consists of a bowl of fruits or a bowl of muesli or oats.

If the urge to snack comes on, I go for a handful of nuts over anything else.

Lunch and dinner are usually chicken, fish and greens. I include a lot of greens in my diet.

And lastly, I stay away from fried food, artificial sugars and keep my carb intake to a bare minimum.

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That’s really it. Nothing more than that.

Pros and Cons of using PhenQ

Though there aren’t many cons to list, I’d like to stay unbiased here and point out a few.


– PhenQ shouldn’t be consumed in the evening. The energy boosting properties can evade sleep and kill your sleep pattern. If you forget a pill, don’t fret, just continue with them the next day.
– PhenQ can cause mild headaches. Since we’re not hungry all the time, we stop snacking, which can reduce our blood sugar at times and cause a mild headache. A glass of juice at such times is the perfect solution


Suppress Appetite
It is an amazing appetite suppressant. You’ll pop a pill at breakfast and not feel hungry for hours, another at lunch and you’re sorted for the day. Boost Energy
It fills you upto the brim with energy. It’s the same you, but you find that now you can get more done throughout the day.
Burns Fat
It really does burn fat. I’d have never lost as much weight through diet and exercise alone.
Works For Everyone

It’s for everyone. There is no limit on who can and cannot use PhenQ. There are no special diets that need to be followed or special care that needs to be taken.

Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturers at PhenQ have put their money where their mouth is.

On their website – they offer a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.

If you don’t feel a difference with PhenQ, you can just put the remaining pills in the bottle and send it back to them and they’ll return your money. Deals deals

With PhenQ, you deal straight with the manufacturer. This results in there being absolutely no middlemen or agents to share profits.

This allows the manufacturer to offer you great deals on PhenQ.

When you order 2 bottles of PhenQ, you get another one for no extra cost.

When you order 3 bottles of PhenQ, you get another two for no extra cost along with a bottle of Raspberry Ketone Max for free.

Where to buy is not question here, but should you buy PhenQ?

If you ask me, I’ll say yes. But only if you really wish to lose weight and achieve your weight loss goals.

I know you’ve probably bought other pills and have been left disheartened by them already. But with PhenQ, it is a completely different story.

It took me 3 months of dedication to achieve a weight loss of 46 pounds. But it requires some dedication and wanting from your end too.

So again, if you’re really serious about your weight loss goals, go ahead and order a bottle.

PhenQ can be ordered straight from the manufacturer at