Building Muscles, Eating Healthy or Losing Weight?

Here Are Three Simple Tips That Can Assist You in Sticking to Your Resolution

Time is indeed moving very fast. It feels like yesterday when we were thinking about resolutions for 2016, and today it’s already 2017, which means it’s time to bring some new positive changes to our lives and sticking to them throughout the year. If you haven’t adhered to the resolutions of your previous year and feel bad about making new plans this year, let us tell you that it happens with everyone. Resolutions are not something that you must fulfill in any way possible and at any cost before the given time, but they are the ways of bringing small changes to your life.

For instance, suppose you planned to lose at least 5 pounds every month. However, somehow, you couldn’t keep up with your program and lost only 3 pounds a month. At the year’s end, you must have felt bad about not sticking to the plan properly. If you would’ve stuck to the plan, you would be pretty slim even before December arrived. While you couldn’t adhere to the plan entirely, did you notice what you did? You actually lost a couple of pounds that, otherwise, you wouldn’t have lost. That’s what resolutions do. Trust me, nobody ever sticks to their resolutions, but whoever at least tries to, even for just a few months, definitely achieves something positive in their life.

So if your resolution for 2017 is regarding eating healthy, building muscles, or losing weight and you truly want to follow it this year or at least for a few months of 2017, don’t you worry as we have got you covered. Surely, it would be hard for you to sustain these good intentions throughout the year. You might find yourself upbeat and enthusiastic in January, but as months go by, you might start forgetting about your resolutions. But if you honestly want to adhere to your resolutions for the entire year, here are three simple tips that might help you achieve your goal without losing interest.

Set Mini Goals

Always remember that you might be making a resolution for an entire year, but it has about 365 days, which means 365 new chances. If you couldn’t keep up with your plan on the first day, then start everything again tomorrow. Set mini goals about what you’re going to eat tomorrow, decide a new workout, or any related thing that might help. Then, reward yourself if you successfully manage to achieve your mini goals. For instance, you can have a manicure or buy a nice clothing item, but limit your rewards to once in a week, two weeks, or a month. After all, you need to save your money as well.

Plan Ahead

Planning is vital. Plan your day in a way that your resolutions’ activities don’t get mixed up with your other necessary tasks. For instance, you need to stick to losing weight, but you also have to go to school/college/work, clean the house, wash the dishes, do your homework, attend meetings, and meet with friends. That is why you should plan out your routine and give appropriate time to each essential activity.

Make It Fun

Most people find it hard to stick to their resolution because they make it seem dull and boring. If you add a bit of fun to your routine, there is no way you’ll even back off from your plan. For instance, start blogging or vlogging about your progress or the meals you are preparing, which will keep you interested, or add a few fun-filled games into your routine. You can listen to your favorite music during exercises, and you can also take beautiful pictures of your food and start Instagramming about it. In fact, making your own healthy food profile on Instagram will increase your interest even more.