Are you old and overweight? That means your weight has been troubling you for quite a long time. The worst thing is that you have tried so hard and no light came at the end. Many options in trying to find the best is an uphill task that doesn’t need to be there if somebody advised you correctly of what you should have done a long time ago – having a diet plan.

There are three main categories that all diet plans fall into:

  • Online diets that have all the needed supporters and well-wishers
  • Meal delivery plans and
  • Supplements

Here, we look at what will work for you hence the best of them all. There are still many options to go four, but we present to you four diet plans that are distinct from the others.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and this can be testified by those who have followed one of our shortlisted diet plans and they all have the right information that will tell you why it was such a success to them. We have what is healthy for you, safe to use, and the best part, age is not regarded as a constraint when starting the losing weight journey. Let’s start.

The three-week diet

It is a number choice for many who have tried it, and it has some quick results to show after a short while. Celebrities and other personal trainers find this as a favorite since going the medical way is sometimes too risky. The plan works by burning the excess fat and fatty acids from what you consume every day. If you combine this option with exercising, you get more pounds out of your system.

With this diet plan, you have everything you need to work on the excess weight. Instructions are based on:

  • What you eat
  • How much you take
  • When you have you have to do it; eat.

The 21-day diet plan can be downloaded online and here are the four things to look at:

Introduction: Enables you to understand how fat is stored and how the body gets rid of it. There is also foods and supplements that will allow you to shed off weight.

Diet manual: You get to calculate the body mass as it goes down, the current fat percentages and the diet can be chosen depending on the body type. Also, there is a secret weapon to maintain the light weight after shedding the unwanted.

Workout Manual: You will have an easy 15-minute routine to do each day – for your comfort, and it will help you burn the fat.

Mindset and motivational manual: You need the tips and tricks of losing weight, and the standards setter knows that it starts with the mind. It will also help you stay out of gaining weight again.

The price for this diet plan is $47.00 with a 60-day money back guarantee. You download the manual immediately which means you start right away.


  • You have the ability to lose 12-23 pounds in 3 weeks.
  • The diet plan triggers fat burning.
  • Increase in lean muscle mass
  • 15 minutes of exercise
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • The difference comes even before you know it and when the effects start applying, the only thing that you can do is to follow the acquired suit to keep slim.

Bottom line

High marks are being awarded to this plan due to the efficacy associated with it. It is healthy and user-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about how the effects will deteriorate your body functioning. With a diet plan, 15-minute daily workout and a money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose; only the weight.

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The Venus Factor

Another diet plan that has received a lot of credit from those who have used it. It is designed for women, and it works by reprogramming and re balancing the hormones responsible for weight gain and appetite. As women progress with age, hormones tend to imbalance, and this causes them to either gain weight or lose it. Leptin is responsible for fat storage and burning. Its level decreases as women get older hence weight gain. Venus Factor excels by how it works up your metabolism and re-elevate the leptin levels.

The 12-week diet plan that is divided into two 6-week segments and the complete package is composed of the following:

Nutritional guidelines: A PDF full of information on diet protocol, meal plans with associated food menu, calories, and weight loss rate.

Workout: A manual with exercises and explained exercise cycles.

Videos: Found online and they include over 130 exercise demonstrations for better implementation.

Software help: There is an app that helps calculate calories and projected body measurements. Highly accurate.

Social community: There are members in the course too and will help you with the feedback.

The results start to show up after two weeks.


  • Straightforward and painless.
  • Combats abdominal fat, the area with the biggest problem.
  • You notice changes after the first week.
  • Hunger management is guaranteed.
  • A virtual nutritionist – the app will help you plan out your schedule.


  • Don’t skip any detail for you to achieve what you need in the end.

Bottom line

It is one plan that solves the weight gain problem right from the core – Leptin. The vote on how quick the results were is always on the rise especially when it is combined with daily exercise. It is a recommendable approach to women who have been struggling with weight for quite a long time without success.

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Bistro MD

Founded by Dr. Caroline Cederquist, one of the certified doctors in bariatrics – a specialty in weight management, this is one of the of the modern diet meals that will land you in the new skinny world you will be enjoying after that. There are delicious meals that have a scientific approach in them to fluctuate the daily calorie intake. It has been proven to speed up weight loss considerably. With the right calorie intake addressed, there is also a consideration of other factors like allergies, restrictions, and diabetes among other constraints.

Here is the breakdown for you:

How it works

  • Fluctuation of calories creates a fast fat-burning cycle
  • You losing weight speed can be regulated.
  • You get a loss of 1-3 pounds per week.
  • The gourmet meals are excellent, to say the least.
  • You can choose what you want.

The meal plan can be customized as follows:

  • 5-7 day meal plans
  • Snacks or not
  • Customized depending on taste and preferences
  • Menu rotation is weekly

Convenience applied:

  • Meals at your door step
  • Fresh off the kitchen
  • Delivered flash frozen

NOTE: The weight loss plan you choose depends on factors at hand including age, activity, and religion among more.


  • Very delicious meals that will make you stay on a diet.
  • You have control of what you want.
  • Delivery of meals is done fresh, each week.
  • You have the full right of excluding what you don’t need.
  • Dietitians and chefs are available to advise you more on what you need when changing the diet.


  • There are no desserts unless specified. Even if you change the diet, the arrival times will be the same.

Bottom line

This diet plan has been endorsed by Dr. Phil who has used the idea on the obese. The meals are excellent; you choose what you want, and in the end, the weight starts fading away – amazing! Customers who support this option range from 18-80 years.

The Mayo Clinic Diet

The last one but not least, the Mayo Clinic Diet is an unbiased way to lose weight, and it has been authorized by world’s foremost authority on health. The diet plan is divided into two. The first two weeks, you experience the ‘Lose It’ session when the diet starts for a quick loss in weight. The second session follows in the subsequent weeks, and it’s referred to as ‘Live It’ which drives you to realize your targeted potential.
There are no difficulties faced when you are on such a plan since the diet is healthier, with a focus on fruits and vegetables, and avoiding any form of sugar. Incorporation with exercise yields more and faster results are realized.

How it works

The two phases include:

Phase 1 – Lose It

  • 6-10 pounds out in the first two weeks.
  • Add five healthy eating habits, more fruits or having to eat during breakfast.
  • Remove five bad eating habits from your eating plan and habit.
  • Addition of exercise to your list

Phase 2 – Live It

  • You lose 1-2 pounds in a week
  • Set the goals and the ideal weight
  • Use the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid
  • Know what you want and the eating portions
  • More physical activity
  • More aids make it easier to counter the weight when having this plan at hand.


Thumbs up for this diet plan since those who have used it find it very easy to follow. Small steps with big results:

  • Get rid of what triggers weight gain – like artificial sweeteners.
  • Gain what will make the weight reduce – fruits for a snack for example.
  • Be more active – walk more, drive less maybe.


  • There are no fast results here. You have to be patient and work towards your goal.

Bottom line

If you look at the clinic diet, then what customers have to say, you will remain with one option: This is a painless choice, and it’s easy to follow. Weight loss does not cost more than you can invest in and the food is healthy and likable among many who have ventured in the course.