10 Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat Based on Science

One good thing to do is to always check the ingredient list of any food item that you are buying. Not only will you know what you are consuming, but you will also know whether you should be taking it or not. There are many simple ways to lose belly fat, but you may need to know the science behind it.Hence, we have prepared a list for you to help lose the belly fat and these ideas have been backed by scientific findings and reasons.

Simple and effective ways to lose belly fat

Say yes to a high-protein diet

Protein is one of the best nutrients you can consume when you are looking to control your diet. You will notice a significant change in yourself when you consume proteins more. In fact, you will lose more weight every day rather than gain. This only applies if you are not taking in other nutrients in the same amount as well.

The plus points about a high-protein diet are that it ensures you do not lose muscle mass and that your metabolic rate also increases with time. There is a hormone called PYY which is released during the consumption of protein. This hormone helps ensure that you feel full long after your meal. There have been many studies that show the usefulness of protein during a diet, and it can vouch for it being one of the best nutrients to consume.

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Get the best of weight lifting

Weight lifting is a part of resistance training. It helps your body get healthy and ensures that you lose fats stored inside your body rather than muscles mass. Many studies have been carried out that show that resistance training has been helpful in losing belly fat in various types of people.But when you do take up weight lifting, do make sure that you are informed about the techniques used during the process. It will lower the chances of injury.

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Trans fats are a big no

Unsaturated fats are combined with hydrogen to develop trans fats. These are the most difficult types of fats to lose when they go and attach themselves to your body. Trans fats are also the worse kind as they cause damage to your health.

Foods that contain trans fats mostly include the likes of sandwich spreads, margarine, and packaged foods (not all kinds). Studies show that trans fats are the cause of many diseases that can cause many health problems in the future and will hinder your way of living. These conditions include heart problems, insulin problems, inflammation and various others.

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Cut back on your alcohol

One of the worst things you can do to your body is providing it with an enormous amount of alcohol. It is one of the leading reasons for a big belly as many studies show that your stomach is the main area you gain weight when you drink alcohol. Other studies depict a smaller stomach in people who do not drink too much alcohol as compared to those who do. An excessive amount of alcohol will cause central obesity, which is probably why it is easier to tell alcoholics apart.

Don’t stress

Let’s face it, when we are stressed, we become more prone to eating and searching for comfort food that will help us get through such tough time.Scientifically, when you are stressed, your body produces an excessive amount of cortisol, which is a hormone that increases your level of appetite and makes sure that fats are mostly stored in your abdominal area.

The best way to reduce your level of stress is by doing activities that contribute to reducing it. This includes yoga, breathing exercises, and running.

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Aerobic exercises are great

Exercises, aerobic ones especially, are known for their health advantages. Not only will you feel great about yourself, but you will also lose a significant amount of weight. You can regulate your exercises according to various intensity level, but it is shown that the high intensity is most effective in weight loss, especially that around your belly.

The amount of aerobics you do is also critical in the process of losing weight. The more you work out, the faster your weight loss will be.

Limit your sugar intake

Not only does sugar cause diabetes, but it is also the leading factor behind many people gaining an excessive amount of weight. The fructose present in sugars triggers many diseases, which will eventually take their toll in the long run.

Many studies show that people who take a lot of sugar in a variety of forms tend to have a bigger stomach as it increases weight at that particular point.

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Cut down on carbohydrates, especially refined ones

Consider carbohydrates your enemy, as they will not at all assist you in losing weight. In fact, the opposite will be true for them. If you do need to include carbs in your diet, make sure that you include a very low percentage to make sure that it does not disrupt the weight loss process.

Use coconut oil instead of cooking fats

Coconut oil is known to have many advantages, and these are not only limited to your hair or other body parts. It can be quite healthy to consume as well.Many studies have concluded that coconut oil decreases the fats stored in your body and helps boost your metabolism further. There are also studies that show that it can lead to a loss in belly fats.

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Fiber is your friend, especially soluble fiber

Many studies show the advantages of consuming a larger amount of fibers, especially soluble ones. The thing with fibers is that even if you consume a reasonably lowamount, they will make you feel full due to which you will eat smaller.

With soluble fibers, the water contact allows the fibers to form a gel inside your body, which slows down the process of food passage. The slower the food passes, the quicker it will digest, and you will have a full tummy sensation for a longer time.

As you eat less, you will automatically consume fewer fats. Some of the best food items that contain high fibers include leafy greens, Brussel sprouts, blackberries, flaxseeds, avocados, and legumes.

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