10 Common Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Losing weight is not an easy job, and there will be a time when you stand in front of the mirror and wonder why you haven’t lost any, even though you had been “trying.” There are many reasons why you may not be losing weight, some more accurate than others. Once you have determined the reason why you’re not losing weight, you can work on making it better.

Top reasons you may not be losing weight

You don’t know what you are eating

You don’t know what you are eatingA common reason why people gain weight instead of losing it is that they do not keep track of their food. This also means that they don’t know the ingredients of the food that they are eating, which is unwise. Knowing helps control what you are eating and will allow you to monitor your diet better.

A good way to rectify this situation is by installing an app on your phone that tells you the amount of calories present in a particular type of food. You should also check your weight and take pictures of your meal and body to keep a check on weight gain or weight loss.

You have made carbohydrates your best friend

You have made carbohydrates your best friendLet’s get one thing straight: carbohydrates are present in a variety of food items, especially those that you love, but they are not right for you. You need to make protein your best friend and fall in love with it.

It can come in any shape or size as long as you are having protein as it is one of the best nutrients that help against weight gain. Such food helps you stay full longer and increase your muscles mass. When you are not taking in a meal that has high protein, the chances are that you are providing your body nutrients that assist in gaining weight, especially fats.
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Your meals are filled with calories

meals with too many caloriesHow many times have you checked the calorie count of your meal before eating it? The chances are that many people are not even sure about the amount of calories present in every food item.

Not knowing can mean that you consume too many calories at one time. There is a possibility that you underestimate some calories, even if you do know, so it is always better to be on the safe side and consume less. Calories are the main reason people gain so much weight, which is why you should check them first.

You don’t weight train

dont weight trainA lot of people are under the assumption that weight training gives you a body of a builder. Though that is true to some point, weight training also helps you lose a lot of fat mass while protecting your muscle mass, hence assisting in losing weight instead of gaining.

Weight training also helps tone your muscles, giving you a better body. If you do not weight lift, the chances are that you are losing more muscle mass than fat mass, which looks as though you have lost little or no weight at all.
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You may be having too many binge eating sessions

binge eating sessionsBe it healthy food or junk food, binge eating is binge eating, which is never good for your body. Binge eating increases the amount of calorie intake which then leads to weight gain instead of weight loss.

No matter how careful you are during your binge eating session, you will alter your diet, which will then increase the number of fats and carbohydrates consumed. Depending on the amount of food you eat during a binge eating session, you can quickly ruin your week’s efforts just by indulging in one session. It is best to hold on to your cravings as long as you can. If you feel you can’t take it anymore, then eat tiny portions of the item you want.

You haven’t cut back on sodas

cut down sodasIf you are still drinking coke or other sugary drinks, including boxed juices, you can forget about losing weight. These drinks are packed with sugar, which is not only harmful to your body but also filled with nutrients that help gain weight.

Such drinks are one of the most fattening items present on a supermarket shelf. It is best to stay as far away as you can from them. Once you cut back on them, you will almost immediately notice a positive impact on your health and energy. If you cannot go without a drink, opt for fresh fruit juices instead.

You’re not getting enough sleep

You’re not getting enough sleepYour sleeping pattern will have an enormous impact on your health and body. When you sleep more, your brain is not too active, so the production of stress hormones is lower. Stress hormones are one of the principal causes of an increase in appetite, which can lead to excessive eating, especially with comfort food.

You need to be physically and mentally at peace at least half of the day to stay healthy, and sleep is the number one thing that provides that. Getting enough sleep does not allow your brain to produce too many stress hormones, leading to a healthier way of living.

Your water intake is not enough

Your water intake is not enoughWe all know that there are many benefits of drinking plenty of water; it clears your skin and keeps you fresh. But what very few people know is that it also assists in losing weight.

Not only does water detox your body by flushing out all the bad things, but it also helps burn some calories. This fact has been backed by various studies that show people losing more weight by drinking more water.

Your alcohol intake is way more than it should be

Your alcohol intake is way more than it should beAlcohol is not good for your body. Many people who drink excessive amounts of alcohol are prone to having a round belly. Many alcoholic drinks are filled with sugars, which mean that they have an excessive amount of calories present.

If you are looking to lose weight, you need to drastically cut down on your alcohol consumption.
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You’re starving yourself way too often

You’re starving yourself way too oftenThere will be a point when you will stop losing weight after being successful for a long time. This is when you have hit your plateau.

It is a point when your body will stop losing weight. At this moment, you should consume even fewer calories or work out to get back into shape.