The 10 Best Ways To Eat Less Without Noticing

Many people struggle with trying to lose weight or adjust their diet to something healthier. They try yo-yo dieting and radical fads that do work for some people but are mostly designed for commercial purposes to cash in on its potential success. Well, it’s actually quite easy to lose a few pounds by restricting your calories and not in a bad way either. I don’t condone the extreme diets out there that are thinly veiled, celebrity endorsed, buzz word filled cash grabs that are really just a fancy way of presenting a low-calorie diet, but, lowering your caloric intake can be done in a perfectly healthy way without you even noticing.

The 10 Best Ways To Eat Less Without Noticing

Use Smaller Plates

The size of your plate can have a direct impact on the amount of food that you will end up consuming. Using a smaller plate and filling it up with food can trick your mind into thinking that you are eating a lot more than you actually are. This is a great way to make yourself feel as though you are full.\

Lower Your Portions

How often do you eat all of the food on your plate? Some people have a habit of always leaving a last little morsel of food no matter how hungry they are and others will eat it all of it if it’s there. Try serving yourself smaller portions and see if you still leave a bit of food or finish it all. If you do eat the whole plate, drink a glass of water and wait for five to ten minutes and carefully think if you are actually still hungry.

Use A Taller Glass

If you like your calorie-heavy and sugar loaded drinks you can cut down by using a taller glass. A wide glass can typically hold more volume but feel small to you because of its stature. If you use a tall glass, you can trick yourself into thinking that you are drinking more than you really are.

Up The Protein Intake

Not only is protein essential for your body, it can also make you feel fuller for longer. Eating lean foods that are rich in protein can curb those before lunch and mid-afternoon hunger pangs that people typically satisfy with junk food.

Eat Five Times A Day

Some people say that three large meals per day are enough, but this can cause you to over-eat and also make you feel hungry in between. Lower your portion size, use clean foods and spread your meals five times throughout the day. This can leave you to feel satisfied constantly and also keep your metabolism running all day long.

Hide The Snacks

If you got a sweet tooth or can’t resist the odd treat here and there, it may be a good idea to make it harder for yourself to eat it. Even something as simple as putting it in a container, having to heat it up, or walk further can make a lot of people not bother with their snack craving and just wait until their next meal.

Chew Your Food

You may be surprised to know this, but many people actually don’t properly chew their food. Slow down your chewing pace and really get in each bite that you can. It will take longer to eat your meal and can help you fill up faster.

Put Your Food In Front of You

If you can’t see what you’re eating, you can easily consume way more than you originally intended to. Put your food onto a plate or into a bowl and portion it out. If you are eating that leftover lasagne from last night that’s still in its baking dish you may end up shoveling the whole thing rather than a slice or two.

Don’t Mix Food and Television

Quite often food is associated with television. When people are getting ready to watch their favorite shows or have a marathon session the food consumption can really get out of hand. It’s very easy to just keep getting more food or to serve an excessive amount if you are going to be watching TV for a few hours and it’s best to eat a full meal beforehand.

Beware of Health Claims

A lot of those “healthy” foods you see advertised are just clever marketing tactics. Companies are constantly finding ways to market their products in the most appealing ways no matter how deceptive they are. Something which is really high in sugar can have a marketing spin put on it and be advertised as fat-free. These claims are also front and center on the packing so it grabs your attention straight away and convinces you that it is healthier than it actually is.